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KIMONO PHONES Kimono phone is a product designed to promote and bring back the Japanese traditional culture of Kimonos to the youth of Japan. The brief was part of Kimono dare to dream award which demanded a design that would impart kimono tradition.
Culture Wearable Fabric Cult
Kimono Folds Flowy Tradition Japan Coloured Belonging Elegant Style Tradition
Future Music Social media Smart phones
Community Youth Energy
Earphones Electronics Trend
KIMONO PHONES From our study, we realized that the Japanese people are very close to technology, and like electronics. We also realized that wearables are a huge craze in Japan, and a good stylish wearable can cause trend in Japan. We figured that the essence of Kimono lies in its front fold. Remove that fold? And the Kimono looks like a robe or a gown.
WHY EARPHONES? We thought the best way to rap into the youth and their choice is by designing something that is used by all of them. Earphones are used all around the wold. Thus. by designing earphones inspired by Kimono culture throughout the world. Imagine, all the Japanese youth wearing the Kimono phones trendy yet rooted in tradition.
DESIGN The fold of kimono earphone stays in this position by virtue of thin metal strip inside that retains shaped once folded.
KIMONO PHONE Kimono phone won the Toshiyoki inoko award and was displayed at Tokyo design week 2015, Tokyo.
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