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FILTERON Filteron is a Portable, slim bottle inspired by nautilus method of removing salt from the water in the chambers. It has a inbuilt filtration system using reverse osmosis membranes.
The brief of the project was to understand vivid adaptations of living being in the nature and design a product by selecting an natural phenomena of that living being. Thus nautilus was studied and its methodology of floating by purifying water in its chambers was applied in product. INSPIRATION


When impure water is added, it passes through three flat sheet membranes. So when the bottle is tilted for sipping fresh water the pressure is created and water moves from chambers and gets purified. The bottle is divided into chambers through semipermeable membranes. Impure water goes through three semipermeable membranes and gets 99.9% pure water. Bacteria, salts are easily removed by semipermeable membranes. The purification process is simple and is continuous.
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