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Current kitchen storage system in India lack the feature of organization and space provision for as it is adapted from the European kitchen style. Therefore aim of the project was to innovate a range of kitchen wire basket contextual to Indian market. Therefore introducing INDIAN CUISINE KIT a kit which has Indian beverage kit, Indian roti kit and Indian rice kit. The kit is customize for Indian kitchen and helps to manage space, time and efforts.

What are kitchen baskets? Types of kitchen basket.


House How kitchen arrangements are done? Components mostly used? etc
Factory Manufacturing process of making baskets? Materials used? etc
Marketing Current market scenario? Demands of the market? etc


CRITERIA To find out daily cooked Indian cuisine it is essential to understand meals cooked in a Indian kitchen. This meals would help in analyzing the most cooked food in India.
IDEA NDIAN COOKING Indian cooking would help to gain a micro perspective about the methodology, habits etc. of Indian user. COMPONENTS The Indian cooking study would make understanding of use of components, types of components, quantity etc. involved in Indian cooking. ARRANGEMENT Once understanding of the cooking process and its use of components is done, arrangement of those components can be done to design a perfect organizer. The components involved can be arranged in one organiser, which will help the user to access all the components required for one activity in one drawer. The arrangement of the components can be done according to order of the components required in that particular activity.
BEVERAGE KIT Beverage kit is basket designed for Indian user to sip a perfect cup of tea and coffee without doing extra efforts.
ROTI KIT Indian roti(Bread) basket designed to reduce cooking efforts of Indian women by organizing her basket for making rotis.
RICE KIT Indian Rice and Dal kit is a basket designed to reduce efforts of Indian women by organizing her basket for making rice and dal.
All three organizers were prototyped and validated .
Cuisine kit was a 6 month diploma project at kitchen grace pvt ltc. The project was under Sleek international, Mumbai which is in collaboration with kitchen grace. The content of the project is vast. Please click the following to have a detail view of each phase of the project.
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