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INSPIRATION Aracno is a dynamic lamp designed inspired by spiders.
LUMIÈRE ARACNO Lumière Aracno is a dynamic lighting solution for multiple applications. Different spaces today demand different lighting solutions. Lumière Aracno can look beautiful in any space like conference rooms, studios, offices, bedrooms, and even study rooms. A unique design that has a simple structure. Lumière Aracno can be configured in various positions according to its use. It is easy to use and minimal to manufacture.
The design provides a finger-grip making it easy to change the configuration of the lamp. One can configure his lamp with respect to his space and amount of light he wants.
Lumière Aracno employs anodized aluminum, which makes it lightweight. It also uses LED lights, which avoid heating, and are energy-efficient. The standard 9V battery can be easily replaced. The cloth pattern while making the lamp shade can be nested properly on a large sheet to avoid material wastage. . Lumière Aracno was winner of behance portfolio review week, retail and space category, Pune, 2014.
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